The Greehey Family Foundation

How to Apply for a Grant

To apply for a Greehey Family Foundation grant, please submit a written request to:

via mail:
The Greehey Family Foundation
Attn: Julie Bedell
P.O. Box 780489
San Antonio, Texas 78278

via e-mail:

To be considered for a grant, the following information is required in your request:

It's important to keep the information concise as the Foundation receives numerous requests. Please do not send unnecessary materials or examples of past work (articles, reports, videos, or other materials). These items will be requested, if needed.

The Foundation may also request a tour of the agency in order to gain a better understanding of the project or program, see first-hand who will be served, and assess the capacity of the potential grantee to carry out its objectives.

If funds are received, please note that the grant cannot be publicly announced without prior approval by The Greehey Family Foundation. Agencies also need to provide a brief report showing that funds were used as requested and that outcomes were achieved (if applicable).